We Are The Future of Film & Media Transforming Urbana Through Creative Acts

Rhett Butler, Curator, FOF 2018

There is a fervor occurring all around us. Fever-pitched and quietly aggressive as ever, it roars just under the surface waiting to be unpacked. This is the spirit of the future of film & media, not just the conference but the animal sensation that moves us all. 

The statement that we are the future of film & media comes with some explanation about the merry band of visionaries who joined, in celebration of and to the rescue of filmmakers in Prince George's County, Maryland. Yes, the county which boasts its enormous contribution to the black homeownership rate is also a filmmakers cornucopia of resources and activity.

We Are The Future of Film & Media is our verbal confirmation that we have stuffed into a pill for all to ingest and consume for extended hope amid the tumultuous times as an independent. We are the people who are doing the work, not just the Creative Edge Collaborative but you the dreamer who sees themselves as a visionary and is waiting out immediate glories to stake it out on your own. We see you and understand your plight, struggles and, triumphs which are the mini victories you accomplish between barely waking up and going to bed way too late.

This October 5th & 6th the Creative Edge Collaborative Presents the Future of Film & Media Conference 2018 at THE HOTEL at the University of Maryland at College Park. The upgrade to the conference is not only in the aesthetics of the location but also in the celebration of a 5-year journey in the maturation of the conference itself. 

Last year's theme was "We Are The New Makers" and this year's theme is "Urban Transformation is A Creative Act" which plays the role of transitioner from open to collaborations DMV wide to open to collaborations nationally and internationally. Our conference theme will discuss how Creative Edge along with other regional creative organizations are transforming urban centers through creative works with collaborative intentionality. 

The panelists, brand ambassadors and more that we are assembling for you will surprise and amaze, however, let that not blind you to our true purpose: to inspire you to claim the statement "We Are The Future of Film & Media!" and carry it with you as your torch across troubled waters. Let us unify the filmmakers of the world and provide a platform for them to feel understood, appreciated, and listened to. 

Welcome to your Future of Film & Media Conference 2018! Welcome to your world of urban transformation as a creative act! We are the future of film & media and we are proud to say we are all now connected.