A Moment with Keynote Speaker Robert Bole

Robert Bole, GM, CityLab

Robert Bole, GM, CityLab

The Future of Film & Media Conference is elated to have Robert Bole as the keynote speaker this year! We took a few moments to pick his brain so you can get to know him a little better. Don't forget to register for this year's conference today. Cheers!

Who is Robert Bole?

I am looking for ways to make a difference and have found that using media and journalism as powerful way to help people improve their lives.

What does CITYLAB do?

CityLab is a digital media site dedicated to understanding how cities thrive (or decline) in the 21st century. We are read by mayors, technologists, business and cultural leaders who want to know how cities are evolving and why. We have some of the finest urban journalism in the world and serve a global audience.

Thoughts on the regional DMV creative economy?

The audience - now the participants - of the DMW region are like no other place in the world. They are decision-makers, influencers and leaders of national and international programs and projects. If the creative community can reach and engage this audience the potential for change is enormous. While our creative impulses may be similar to other regions, the fact of our audience requires us to be aware of how our work is received, utilized and re-transmitted to the world.

Does social media hinder or act as a harbinger of creativity?

One of the greatest tools we have is the ability to engage so many new perspectives...yet we lack the skill in using those tools because they are so new.  I will lean harbinger of creativity, but understand the frustration of many in looking at social media as an inhibitor.

What do you hope FoF attendees take away from your Keynote Speech? 

My goal is to talk about the transition of the audience into participants and the ways in which media has (or has not) reacted to that change. My goal is not to catalogue the growing power of the audience, but try to give the attendees a framework on how they might think about these changes and take on the challenge of engaging our regional community (and beyond!) in their work.

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