Cristina Payne, Comedienne

Born in Manila, Philippines. Cali Raised, WashDC/HowardUniversity (BA/MSW) Made. You may have seen her recently on the past 3 seasons of TVOne's NEWSOne w/ Roland S.Martin, on Sirius XM's SWAY IN THE MORNING on SHADE 45 this past June, or even as late as a Zion Resident on Matrix Reloaded II &III w/ Keanu Reeves, Lawrence Fishbourne & Jada Pinkett Smith.

Payne has been in Radio since the tender age of 15 & worked alongside Sway (Mtv/XM which has caused her to either produce for or be heard on clearChannel's KMEL, RadioOne, WHUR, XM Sirius, & other internet station shows including The Olivia Fox Radio Show while simultaneously leading her own team on TheCristinaPayneShow (Youtube).

Cristina Payne's Incredible Interviewing skills led her to befriending Legend Dick Gregory& being mentored by Dr. Bill Cosby out of college,..& yes., He Never drugged/touched her.


Payne has worked with Red Grant, Rodney Perry, Michael Colyar, playwright, author, director David E Talbert, Joe Clair, Kevin Hart, Sam Walker (BET's Writing Dept),& BillBellamy on TvOne's "Whos Got Jokes?" Just to name a few.

While on a Cruise Writing for its Host, Payne met SINBAD & coincidently at that time she was also writing for Comedian Actor, Brandon T Jackson (who is managed by Sinbad's younger Brother Mark) So He Took her under his wing like a daughter, pulled her aside& said, "Aren't U Tired of this 10% Money? Please stop giving ur jokes away& making other ppl funny/Money...TELL YOUR OWN STORY!" After saying yes he said.. "Well U gonna Have To Get On Stage For That! U can do it!" & thats when she started really considering her future... 10%? Or 100%$$$?!

Payne's comedy cherry was popped when Then classmate, Now Actor Seaton Smith tricked her into coming on stage at an open mic in Washington DC. But it wasn't until Payne's now mentor& head cheerleader of Support, Charlie Murphy tweeted her to come Do a Guest Spot for him Dec 2014 @BaltimoreComedyFactory & pushed baby bird Payne out the nest! Since then Payne has been everywhere from ATL-NYC-CA hitn stages & bringing her #LaffNLearn #InTheNameOfJesus Comedy to a Mic Near You.

Coming Up! Please Stay Tuned & Keep Her in your prayers as This Winter 2017, Payne Starts Her NewVenture& Radio Show in NYC w/ Shark Tank's Daymond John& his fellow Partner Keith Perrin for "FUBU RADIO"